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in oklahoma. oklahoma? that's right. come september, i'm sending you to the tarbrush bible institute. daddy! are you crazy? now, sweetheart. you mustn't act like this. it's not like i'm sending you to the ends of the world. practically. are you joking? is this a joke, uncle med? no, i'm not. and you can just butt out. why don't you just shoot her now and have it over with? i'm warning you. holy shit. look, i've had just about enough of your disrespect. all right. all right. i'll shut up. good. now, mary ann-- but i'll be thinking. no more lip, do you hear me? what? why do you hate me, daddy? now, sweetheart, i don't-- now, that's not fair. i love you. i love you very much. i only want what's best for you. and if you really love me, you'd obey. now, the scripture tells us that the child must be obedient and obey her father's commands. you mean, you came up with this idea out of the bible? yes, the scripture is full of good council and i intend to follow it. like what? send the tribes forth into the desert? no, like, "he who spares the r, spoils the child." whoa, spankies. you're pushing it.
-term oklahoma senator tom coburn talks about his book, "the debt bomb." followed by the role of religion and social conservatives in politics. and later, a discussion on the future of print journalism. .. what he said was o.k. quote i can race for my chickens were and he took it all the way to the supreme court and lost that battle. >> host: why do you recount that story? >> guest: because it is a great example of the powers and why do we find ourselves in the place we are in now? how do we get here? what do we do about it and what are the ramifications? what the only way for the government to make something expensive is for the government to make it affordable. and all you have to do is look at the programs. what were the average inflationary costs of health care and before wheat created medicare and medicaid? dram the same as every other aspect of our inflation. there was no differential between the health care cost now that we have a government program what has happened is health care costs are two or sometimes three times the rate of the average inflation in the economy so what you d
system we have in oklahoma and several other states which says water a whole bunch more tests. there are three studies out there all within the last three years that show 550 to $850 billion a year on what we spend in health care costs, absolutely nothing to get somebody well and nothing to prevent them from getting sick. any time -- that is private and public sector combined. we are missing the boat. if you stop for a moment and think we got health care in this country whether it is through the government or private sector totally different than anything else. we make somebody else pay for it. unless you are one of the unfortunates the don't have coverage and the reason my opposition to the affordable care actors we are expanding a system that is broken now where a third of the dollar's don't help people get well or keep from getting sick. we should ask the question why is it we have this inflation in health care, this waste in health care that we don't have anywhere else and it is because we are not allowing market forces to help us do it. can't we create a system where this
timothy mcfay. the man who carried out the bombing in oklahoma city back in 1995. that attack left 168 people dead, many of them children. as ktvu's randy shandobil reported, as mcvay was put to death, the families of the victims watched as he was executed. >> reporter: government officials led oklahoma city bomber timothy mcvay into the execution chamber. prison officials say he was quiet and cooperative. even seating him on the gurney, positions body so that officials could strap him down then inject him. >> timothy mcvay has been executed by lethal injection. he was pronounced dead on april 17. >> reporter: 24 people respecting mcvay, the media and the victim's fathers -- victim's families and media witnessed it firsthand. >> reporter: instead of saying anything, mcvay had officials distribute a handwritten copy of a defiant poem written in 1875 called invictus. it ends, i am the author of my fate, i am the captain of my soul. >> he took the time to look up and look at each of us in the eye and there was almost a sense of pride as he nodded his head. layed back down and seemed very
. just like the murrah building in oklahoma city. same kind of anhydrous exploded. so you can imagine what kind of damage we're looking at there. i know there was at least 75 to -- 50 to 75 houses damaged. there was an apartment complex that has about 50 units in it that was completely just skeleton standing up. there's a nursing home in the area that 133 people in the nursing home. we've got them evacuated. i don't know what their injuries are there right now. but all injuries have been removed from the scene and taken to local hospitals in the waco area. we've got numerous agencies helping us all the way from the dallas-ft. worth area, mcclint county, limestone hill, boskey and all the surrounding areas. so we've had a significant turnout to come out to help to us get through this tragedy we've had in this small community. i wush i could give you more information. all the injured right now are being taken care of. we're going to go back in and do another house by house search and see if anybody else, the victims are in the houses. that's going to be going on all night. so we have a
buildings around this truck have now been evacuated in oklahoma city. as you well know, the alfred t. federal building was bombed by timothy mcveigh. as you can see, well it looks good, police are going inside that truck to check it out. and if you don't admire police officers and bomb squad members, you should right now, they had no ideas what was in that truck. they're checking it out. they don't appear to be overly concerned. the city office buildings are evacuated as a precaution. security has been heightened in all venues where a lot of people are involved. let's go to boston, because there has been a major break in the investigation. good morning. >> good morning, carol, thank you. i'm jon berman with brook here in boston. we're just a couple blocks away. investigators are searching the scene all night. >> yes, you see behind us it's the medical tent. and unfortunately so there were so many doctors and that's where so. people were initially treated. we're yards from where the explosion took place for the monday marathon. it's important to talk about these new clues and pictures
oklahoma damaging 400 buildings. it's been 60 years since an earthquake of this size struck the area. the u.s. geological survey says the number of earthquakes in the midwest with a magnitude of 3 or over has increased 6 fold from a decade ago and may be caused by the shell gas industry. >> i think we have plenty of evidence to show that they really are induced by these waste water disposal activities. >> reporter: the obama administration says it's considering how to regulate this controversial extraction process but at the same time it is stepping up development of shale gas as a key energy source. "nhk world," california. >>> a tiny south pacific airline >> more for you in business next hour. i'll leave you with a check on markets. >>> a tiny south pacific airline has introduced a new way of charging passengers. tickets are now sold not by seat but by weight. the reaction has been mixed but the head of samoa air has defended the decision as the fairest way of traveling. the carrier flies propeller aircraft domestically and to american samoa. starting from wednesday, passengers will have
for the oklahoma city marathon. the race started after a moment of silence for the victims of the oklahoma city bombings in 1995 and as you might expect, security was really tight after the attacks here in boston. many runners wore t-shirts and red sox to show support for the victims and some who didn't finish the race in boston, they did cross the finish line in oklahoma city. for some, a big event like that, like another marathon, is the way to heal after boston, but for others, it could be terrifying. how can we stay safe at special events when thousands of people pack into arenas, parks, and cities? nick vulinls yeah has more for you. >> reporter: almost two weeks since the boston bombings, a new gallup poll reports half of the americans believe a terrorist attack in the united states could be imminent. 40% worry a family member will be the victim of an attack. with the anxiety of another attack fresh in the minds of so many americans, exactly how security may change at mamger events is as relevant a question as ever, and while total security can't be guaranteed, especially in large crowds,
to american terrorism, in fact, in oklahoma city, did the domestic terrorist ever take public responsibility for that act? would we expect that? >> no, and again, part of the reason at the oklahoma federal building, of course, is that that sharp state trooper pulled timothy mcveigh over for that loose license plate. he didn't get a chance to go public. but internationally, two different things happened. number one, we have groups that claim credit. chris, they usually do it the same day because they want to get maximum exposure. number two, we'll have individuals and groups that had nothing to do with it whatsoever claim credit, nonetheless, simply trying to draw attention and to do fund-raising and recruitment for their own organization. so we'll be looking internationally at this term, the chatter. what type of conversations are going on on the internet? telephone lines, known terrorist groups. who's talking back and forth? and who's claiming credit for this who risk event? >> stay with us as we do our continuing coverage. jeff, for universal sports, was running in the marathon and approac
houston rockets y ahorita van ante la tormenta de oklahoma city, en lo que podría ser el último juego de los kings en sacramento, se quedan en sacramento o se mudan a seattle y así serían las finales, (información en pantalla) oklahoma ante los Ángeles lakers san antonio ante pssu >>> en el este miami ante milwakee, indiaan chicago, brooklyn ante atlanta, jazz o los Ángeles lakers son el último boleto disponibe >>> le dan la bienvenida a los de recién ingreso e la americana los astros de houston. >>> mientras tanto los gigantes de san francisco abriran serie en milwakee san francisco es líder en el oeste con 9 ganados y 4 perdidos. >>> los raiders podrían cambiar la tercera selección colegial del próximo draft, al momento han firmado 16 jugadores. >>> el lunes vamos con los mejores goles del fin de semana en la premier league, el golazo de ba, un toque, en el partido de chelsea 1 manchester city 2, cristiano ronaldo ante athletic bilbao la victoria de los merengues 3 a 0, en méxico, bravo por martín, para el gol de la victoria ante los felinos para terminar con el invicto de
your perspective on these things. thank you. and now, i want to bring in former oklahoma governor, frank keating. he was governor when the oklahoma city building was bombed, also a former fbi agent, a former prosecutor and head of the atf, so obviously someone with a unique perspective on all of this. good morning. >> good morning, chris. >> it's probably hard for you to believe it's been almost 18 years to the day since the oklahoma city bombing and i'm wondering when you heard about what happened here, what went through your mind? >> you know, it is really sad and you've noted this, is just the repeat horror show of one incident after another from a 17-year-old shooting a child in the face to a theatre killing and college campus killings. oklahoma city was searing in terms of the numbers. 168 dead. nearly 900 wounded. it was and remains the largest case ever handle led by the fbi. i think brilliantly executed by the way and i'm not trying to wave the flag at my former organization, but i think it was very, very well handled. this one was darkly similar. bombing, innocence, celeb
oklahoma. the largest, a magnitude 4.3, all were centered to the north and east of oklahoma city. no injuries or major damage have been reported yet. we will, of course, keep you posted as more information becomes available. >>> on capitol hill a new immigration reform proposal being introduced today by a bipartisan group of senators that includes $3 billion to beef up the border with mexico, more than $1 billion to add more fences. the bill would also create a so-called path to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants who arrived in the u.s. before the end of 2011. >>> meanwhile, the senators who crafted a deal to expand background checks on gun sales appear ready to change it slightly. they are now considering exempting gun buyers who live hundreds of miles from a licensed firearm dealer. a vote is expected on the deal by the end of the week. >>> wall street is looking to rebound this morning after one of its biggest losses of the year. the dow dropped 265 points monday following concerns about an economic slowdown in china and the boston marathon attack. gold prices also
are actually watching a lot of severe weather moving across the country, especially down across oklahoma today. but we also have wintry weather still occurring across the northern plains. it doesn't look like that much right now. it is going to strengthen and become more severe as we go throughout the day. the snowfall will continue to accumulate, especially across south dakota and nebraska today. we're actually going to see another, perhaps 6 to 12 inches of snow across parts of western and central nebraska over the course of today. and even denver will pick up a few more inches of snowfall today. look at all the lightning with these storms though across illinois, indiana, and stretching down into kentucky. we are going to see some stronger storms that way. but the biggest threat of severe weather today will be back across oklahoma especially. we'll see the possibility of large hail and even isolated tornadoes possible in that area in red from southeastern kansas right down into central oklahoma and even into northeastern texas. the area in yellow, that's an area where an isolated tornado is
. >> precisamente en weico, en 1992 cometieron suicido colectivo. >> dos años después en oklahoma un ex mnilitar hizo estallar un camion. >> en 2007 un estudiante mato a muchas personas en una ecuela en virginia. >> luego lo de columbine. >> en 1946 un barco que transportaba amonio anclado en texas mato a más de mil personas al explotar. >> vamos a un nuevo paso. >> kdemocratas y republicanos presentaron su proyecto. >> jaime garcia nos explica. >> así como activistas hispanos y religiosos. así como el grupo de los 8. >> su respuesta bipartidista respecto de los inmigrantes. >> somos un país de inmigrantes. >> los 4 senadores republicanos y los democratas están confiados en lo que pasará mañana. >> creemos que ahora si puede pasar la reforma en esta migración. >> hay un grupo de intereses que cuentan con el apoyo popular. >> aquí en los angeles se convoco a una marcha multitudinario >> atenemos que salir y lucahr. >> la convocatoria había sido pospuesta debido a lo de boston. >> somos respetuosos de lo que ocurre en nuestro país.pero también queremos una legalización. >> el informe
of oklahoma but look at tuesday, severe weather concern. the areas in yellow mean you have a risk of hail, damaging winds and possibly tornadoes and see on tuesday how huge it is and goes from kansas city all the way down to austin including oklahoma city and dallas. tomorrow will be the day we're worried about. snow, look out, colorado, wyoming and south dakota, some areas getting one to two feet of snow. while the east will be mid-70s like d.c., other areas will be stormy. we'll cover you all. >>> time for sports. tonight the louisville cardinals will face off against the michigan wolverines at the georgia deem for the ncaa championship. louisville led my rick pitino enter s as the four-point favorite. he would win titles at two different schools if he won. michigan last won a championship believe it all the way back in 1989. and louisville has more than just a men's team to root for yesterday. its women team beat california continuing their amazing run to the final four. now they will play uconn who topped notre dame for the championship. earlier the uconn women did beat louisville by
. oklahoma is one of the leading states on that front as health correspondent betty ann bowser reports. >> reporter: he was u.s. army, all-american. >> reporter: austin box seemed to have it all. he was a star linebacker for the top ten university of oklahoma sooners. from childhood, his life was played out in the spotlight. >> this is after he caused a big stop against baylor. >> reporter: so when box died suddenly at age 22, it revealed a darker side of life few people knew about, one of pain and the consequences of taking too much pain medication. in may of 2011, just two weeks after graduation, austin box was found unresponsive. his father craig box remembers the call like it was yesterday. >> i had a phone call from the office that there was a problem with austin. he was not breathing at times and his heart stopped, and they were reviving him. that's all i knew until we got to the hospital. >> reporter: a toxicology report showed that box, number 12, had taken a lethal combination of five different pain medications. none had been prescribed to him. box had a long history of injuri
're following some breaking news now from oklahoma city. we want to take you there live this morning. we understand investigators are looking at a stolen u. haul truck parked outside of oklahoma city hall. they have several downtown buildings evacuated there. you probably remember a u-haul truck was used in the bombing of the federal building back in 1995. we're looking live here. a stolen u. haul truck parked in front of the oklahoma city hall building. we'll continue to watch for updates in our newsroom and bring you any new information as soon as it becomes available. >>> u.s. senators are making their final push to morning ahead of the votes on gun legislation this afternoon. as kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, there's declining support for tougher gun laws. >> dave, even bipartisan supporters are not getting support needed to pass. we're looking live at the senate floor right now and joe manchin should be speaking any minute. he has legislation aimed at expanding background checks. he and pat toomey want sales online and at gun shows to be subject to backgro
a new way to fight back against the federal government. but it is going to cost them. oklahoma attorney general scott prewitt joins us. nice to see you, sir. >> how are you? >> i'm very well. apparently -- explain what happened. it started out as i think a democrat made a suggestion that a lot of people, a lot of republicans and voters is seized upon. what was the suggestion? >> well, i think as the representative introduced this bill, perhaps he was trying to make light of what we're doing and seeing across the country on responding to federal overreach. and the legislature responded, people responded favorably. i think it passed overwhelmingly in the house. it will pass in the senate. i think it's reflective of a concern that's existed across the country, that this administration, agencies in washington, d.c., are acting in ways inconsistent with what the constitution says. as attorneys general, that's our responsibility to respond when you see a federal agency or an administration exceed their authority. i think this is reflective of the very tremendous concern that citizens have acr
after the oklahoma city bombing in april of 1995. the anniversary, unfortunately, coming up on friday of this week. hello to you. we're going to put some images of some of the photographs that were released late last night and again today. you have seen these. what do we need to understand about what has been made public so far in these photographs? >> i have not been -- in overhearing all this, i can personally testify to the fact that there is a real problem with law enforcement leaks where in the oklahoma city bombing investigation, we had for a total of nine weeks the office of professional responsibility who were actually investigating us for who may be leaking certain information, some of which was totally erroneous. so i can certainly appreciate what law enforcement is going through up there right now with that or erroneous information, particularly if they do have photographs of the subject, the last thing that they would want to do right now is have that advertised ahead of time until they have had their chance to be able to identify that individual. >> and they don't want to
ial marathon. the event honors victims of the 1995 oklahoma city bombing. >> prior to our start, we ask you now for 168 seconds of silence, please. >> event organizers invited runners who could not finish in boston due to the attacks. many of the 23,000 runners wore red socks to honor the boston victims. >>> we've learned tonight that president barack obama is going to name charlotte mayor anthony fox to be the next transportation officials tell cnn that fox is the president's choice to succeed ray lahood. >>> a mississippi man suspected of sending letters tainted with ricin to president obama and others faces his first federal court appearance tomorrow. 41-year-old james dutschke was arrested yesterday and charged with possession and use of a another man, paul arrested earlier but charges werertis an elvis impersonator ramed by dutske following a long standing feud. >>> flash flooding causing misery in parts of texas. a storm roared through yesterday dumping 8 inches of rain in some areas. fire crews had to rescue 150 drivers from hwaters. at the hei
to the oklahoma city bombings back in 1995. we're going to talk to the attorney for timothy mcveigh and the man who prosecuted him about that crime, and this one. oud pl. to prove it, we set up our call center right here... [ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up. seriously, this is really happening! [ cellphone rings ] hello? it's a giant helicopter ma'am. [ male announcer ] get it done [ chirp ] with the ultra-rugged kyocera torque, only from sprint direct connect. buy one get four free for your business. only from sprint direct connect. when ouwe got a subaru.s born, it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) designed for your most precious cargo. (girl) what? (announcer) the all-new subaru forester. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective
centimeters in oklahoma, texas and the panhandle. a look at your temperatures, new york at 8 degrees, oklahoma city down to 7 degrees hence the snow you may be finding and houston at 23. moving over to japan now where we have been feeling wet and windy weather here in tokyo as well. one system will pull away but another rain band forming across central japan and includes the contour region as well where we will probably see heavy rain arou around afternoon hours. you can see it finally clearing way. the gusts are still strong so do be aware of that 126 kilometers miles an hour gusts still capable of being unleashed and 6 meter high waves on the pacific side. across southeastern china, rain still lingering there. we really don't want rain there. the soil can't take any more water and landslides at high risk across the regions. you can still see the rain lingering there. towards the north, things are in the early spring-like temperatures, tokyo up to 20 degrees starting tomorrow and taipei looking at 28 degrees, well above your average as well as seoul nice and warm friday for you. here's our ex
this morning. in oklahoma of all places, now into april, we have rain changing to sleet and snow outside oklahoma city. very, very rare. that's one of the wet spots. if you are in the southeast, you got soaked yesterday in the golf. now you are watching the rain in tennessee and northern alabama, south carolina in the green, it's light rain filling in. later on this afternoon, watch out, you could get strong storms. here is how we are looking. the chill is out there. as far as the rain goes, we could see in the next 48 hours up to one to two inches of rain from norfolk down to southeast portions of georgia and south carolina. notice the cut offline, new york city expecting a tenth to two tenths inches of rain. not a lot. as far as the forecast, windchill 20s and 30s down to atlanta and dallas. it's a chilly thursday across the country. in some cases, it's rainy. not only is it chilly, but raining. in georgia, they are freaking out. good thing the masters isn't this week. we need to flip the switch. middle of next week, i have that promise coming to you. >> look at this video. a tribute t
for adoption, but that's going to change. >> a huge explosion lights up the sky in oklahoma. what is fueling these flames. >> a warning sign weeks before the massacre. what the suspect told his psychiatrist. >>> and a band of female bounty hunters goes to extremes to get a wanted man. >> from the kpix5 weather center. good evening, everybody. sure, high definition radar in search of rain drops. we found a touchdown of a tornado. we'll talk about that as the news continues on the cw. ,,,,,,,,,,,, killed dozens of people. authorities say workers had >>> in india, a building collapse killed dozens of people. authorities say workers had illegally been adding additional floors to a four story office building north of mumbai when the whole thing collapsed. rescuers still digging through that rubble. so far, 27 are dead. about twice that number injured. and in oklahoma, a natural gas compressioner stadium exploded. everyone within a mile of that plant has been evacuated. no word yet on what caused it. >>> two more states have passed stricter gun laws in the past 24 hours. maryland became the firs
texas into oklahoma. those are the two states of greatest concern. other areas that will see nasty travel weather, we have a horrible snowstorm in colorado, wyoming right now, that is spreading out through northern nebraska and south dakota. areas of yellow, you have a good chance of seeing thunderstorms up to kansas city, san antonio. and this area of red, a moderate risk of severe weather. if you're in this area, will you deal be strong storms and possible tornadoes, maybe a few strong tornadoes. this is the heart of tornado alley. oklahoma city, wichita falls, ardmore, and later heading towards tulsa. that's the biggest concern. i mentioned the snow. it will snow hard. denver up to ten inches of snow. that will spread up through south dakota. driving up through the northern plains not fun either. now for the good part, everyone on the east coast yesterdaytoas. we are 80s from miami to new york city. easily spring fever on the east coast. the midwest are the ones paying for it with severe storms later tonight. >>> let's turn to sports. they're already calling it one of the best t
airport, oklahoma city, tulsa and kansas city could deal with storms later today with travel implications. the big story is, though, today is one of our first dangerous days. we'll possibly see a little mini-tornado outbreak. this is right through the heart of tornado alley, the one spot they're most prepared for these storms rolling late today into the evening. during the overnight hours from oklahoma city to tulsa down to wichita falls. that will be the big story tomorrow morning we'll be covering any damage that does occur later tonight. for areas of the west you're just cold back behind the storm system. not as windy but we're dealing with most of the rain and snow leaving. it's still snowing a little. even the high elevations outside of tucson. quite a storm system that's exiting the west. that's a look at your national e cold air on the backside of our storm. >>> looks like we're going to get some rain in the next 48 hours in the northwest, but nothing like this storm that just blew through. >> 80s or 90s coming up for the northeast? >> it's going to be 80 today in new york city. >>
iraq. just like the murrah building in oklahoma city. it exploded so you can imagine what kind of damage we are looking at there. >> fire tore through a nearby middle school and the explosion rocked a nursing home spraying elderly residents with glass and other debris. about 130 people had to be evacuated from the home. they were treated at a triage center set up at a school athletic field near the fertilizer plant. >> i had to get to the nursing home. nobody getting them out. it was blown. the apartments across the street was blown. >> a lot of chaos right now. trying to protect these businesses. all of the glass is gone out of the front. trying to evacuate because there is still a danger there. >> reporter: search and rescue crews are working through the night. >> we are there and searching the area and making sure it is safe for any other people around there and the firefighters are trying to to be safe and go back in. there is a lot of wind blowing and changing the area and there are little small flames and they don't want to get the firefighters hurt or injured in the blas
building in oklahoma city. it exploded so you can imagine what kind of damage we are looking at there. >> fire tore through a nearby middle school and the explosion rocked a nursing home spraying elderly resints with glass and other debris. about 130 people had to be evacuated from the home. they were treated at a triage center set up at a school athletic field near the fertilizer plant. >> i had to get to the nursing home. nobody getting them out. it was blown. the apartments across the street was blown. >> a lot of chaos right now. trying to protect these businesses. all of the glass is gone out of the front. trying to evacuate because there is still a danger there. >> reporter: search and rescue crews are working through the night. >> we are there and searching the area and making sure it is safe for any other people around there and the firefighters are trying to to be safe and go back in. there is a lot of wind blowing and changing the area and there are little small flames and they don't want to get the firefighters hurt or injured in the blast area. >> one area firefighters can
the damage as similar to iraq and the oklahoma city bombings. it's still developing but here's what we know right now. police saying between 5 and 15 people killed and at least 160 injuries. the explosions happened last night in the city of west, there in texas, about 20 miles north of waco. and 66 years ago to the day, this all too eerie. yesterday's "the new york times" front page in 1947 detailed another texas blast. this one in texas city, killing hundreds and injures thousands of others. >>> an arrest has been made in the murder of a texas district attorney, kim lee williams the wife of a former texas justice of the peace has confessed that she and her husband were involved in the shooting death of koffman county assistant prosecutor and district attorney mark mcclellan and his wife. mrs. williams said her husband shot the two officials who prosecuted him for theft. >>> a suspect is under arrest today in mississippi accused of sending poison letters. federal agents arrested paul kevin curtis for allegedly sending letters contaminated with ricin to president obama and senator roger wick
material used by timothy mcveigh in the 1995 oklahoma city bombing. >> we need every ambulance we can get. we got a lot of firemen down. >> reporter: in west, police say so far no signs of foul play. but heartbreak here is everywhere. >> i'm kind of numb. really don't know. like i said, it will probably hit me at the funeral. my family is taking it really bad. really bad right now. it's really rough. >> reporter: as the search for the missing presses on. >> it's one of those that helps everybody. wants to help everybody in need. >> reporter: as federal and local officials investigate we should note that in 2006 the west fertilizer facility was fined for not obtaining or having a permit. they have since rectified the problem. tonight it is believed 40 people are injured and still in the hospital. brian, we have learned tonight that one of the men who was killed was an off-duty dallas firefighter who came here to help. brian? >> miguel almaguer in the badly shaken town of west texas tonight. miguel, thanks. >>> nbc news has confirmed it was indeed ricin that was in those letters mailed to s
, but very chilly in denver. as well as oklahoma city. temperatures will rebound into friday. 18 degrees in denver. 22 degrees in oklahoma city on your friday. finally in europe then, wet and windy conditions will continue across the north. we have a 100 kilometers winds in northern part of the uk. things are starting to improve. so that's good news. temperatures will be on the rise. 18 in london, in vienna, 19. i know many people, including boat owners are enjoying the arrival of spring. i want to show you this video. spring has finally arrived in austria, and boat owners are making the most of it. they've been preparing their vessels. when the weather is fine, they spend as much time as they can on the water. now the good news is that we're going to see temperature rise. and sunny skies to continue. here's your extended forecast. >>> that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks very much for joining us.
an opponent in the dutch league. >>> an oklahoma city thunder fan is $20,000 richer after hitting a half-court shot when the ball went in the basket. larry hill went nuts there. larry hill then started celebrating with the players. i would, too. >>> and the oklahoma city fans were also entertained by a furry conga line as dogs did amazing tricks like riding a scooter and even impressive rope jumping. >>> at auburn university, fans said good-bye to the two oak trees that were poisoned by a rival and are scheduled to be cut down today. they had one last toilet paper celebration, a school tradition after football victories that has lasted 40 years. >> announcer: "early today" sports is brought to you by touch of gray. get rid of some gray, never all. >>> well, just ahead, after being booked by police, reese witherspoon unbooks herself on the networks. >>> and former tweeting new york congressman anthony weiner is back in the twittersphere. we've got his first tweet coming up. >>> welcome back. let me take you through some of the bigger cities in the west into the upcoming weekend. same weat
an abusive home in oklahoma. when an alaska family offered to adopt him, operation roger called driver david benz who loves dogs and helping people. >> shelby, come on. it's a good way that truck drivers in america can give back to society because, you know, we're not home a lot. >> reporter: the journey began with benz picking up shelby in enid, oklahoma. then heading to houston to load cargo bound for alaska. a long drive later, they met shelby's new family. >> driving the dogs around the states and dropping them off at loving homes is perfect. >> reporter: and well worth the cross-country effort. >> say cheese! >> reporter: to bring shelby home. mark potter, nbc news. >>> that is our broadcast on a tuesday night. thank you for being here with us. i'm brian williams. we hope to see you right back here tomorrow evening. good night. . >>> good evening everyone. i'm jessica aguirre. >>> i'm raj mathai. new developments in the sexual assault case of a saratoga high school student. tonight, details about the house arrest for the three teenage boys who are accused of attacking audrey pott. her p
una iglesia de oklahoma city, una cÁpsula del tiempo desenterrada luego de cien aÑos, contenÍa reliquias indigenas, arte y cosas de oklahoma para el futuro, un telÉfono de la epoca, considerado como el Último avance tecnolÓgico, y tambiÉn un sombrero como el Último grito de la modaa de principios del sigl pasado. >>> y antes de despedirnos queremos mencionar que ya hace un aÑo que enrique acevedo se uniÓ al equipo de la edicion nocturna, lo celebramos con ustedes, Él tiene un mensaje en univisiÓn noticias. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> fuera, fuera, todos fuera, quiero una copa, quiero una copa, una copa, por favor una copa. >> Échele ganas, se va a poner bien, piense en sus hijos, ellos la aman y estÁn sufriendo por usted, hÁgalo por ellos y por usted misma. >> maldita. eres una... que se acostÓ con el patron para tenerte a ti, gata, miserable, vulgares las dos. fuera de mi vista, rosario me robÓ el de mi marido y tÚ el de mi hijo. pero vas... vas a.... vas.... >> cÁllate, por favor no me diga esas cosas que me duelen.
before the race start. and in oklahoma city, the site of america's bloodiest terror attack before 9- 11.some runners who were unable to finish the race in boston laced up again to run the oklahoma city marathon. >> "i'm wearing exactly what i wore in the boston, except for a different number. um, i just wanted to keep with what i started with, and i actually have my boston bib on my back." i'm cristina mutchler for kron 4 news. >> the father of the boston marathon bombing suspects -- anzor tsarnaev -- has been planning on flying to the u.s. but says that he needs to postpone the trip due to illness. meanwhile a little closer to home. hundreds of people came together today to raise money for aaron hern. the 11-year-old martinez boy injured in the boston bombings. they held a fundraiser at alhambra high school. and as kron 4's mike pelton shows us the entire community hopes to see their friend soon. half >> it is not just a sunday morning run. these were to halt a loved one. kamal i've never seen anybody team up. with a rousing rendition of the national anthem. friends were custom t-shirt
in oklahoma city. timothy mcveigh and terry nichols were convicted for their roles and that bombing. timothy mcveigh it was executed in june of 2011. the september 11 attacks, the oklahoma city bombing was the most destructive act of terrorism ever carried out on american soil. in permanent memorial at the site honors the victim. in 1999, april 20, 12 students were murdered, and a teacher, inside columbine high school in colorado. 24 other people were also hurt. senior and, 2007, a virginia tech shot and killed 32 people and wounded 17 others in blacksburg's virginia. he was later found dead from an apparent self-inflicted -- self- inflicted gunshot wound to the head. >> we'll be following all of the overnight developmts beginning at 5:00. not flower well anchor live from boston -- not flower -- matt lauer will anchor live from boston. arrested johnson was in baltimore late this afternoon. >> johnny johnson has a lengthy criminal record that includes jobs, robbery. investigators say he was on drugs when he crossed in front of city hall and killed matthew hersl. ande are deeply soorowed hurti
in oklahoma or texas late this evening. tomorrow is the day that will be more dangerous. moderate risk already issued. oklahoma city to tulsa area. if we get tornadoes possibly destructive tornadoes the best chance of that happening is tomorrow evening in that's a look at your national forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. today the east coast is warming up and you're looking just fine. but as we go throughout the midwest that's where the stormy weather is and that's where it will stay. we had significant snow overnight in denver and continues today into wyoming. dangerous weather to watch in the days ahead. >> we'll keep an eye on that. >> i'm mara schiavocampo, and this is "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. >>> more than 12 hours later, the latest and what could it all mean for us here in washington. good morning. >> welcome toness 4 today for this tuesday, april 16th. we are going to have team coverage. right now we are going to give you the latest. three now dead including an 8-year-old boy. more than 140 people are injured.
right. with oklahoma city or even in 2001, the level of expertise, the debt of the counter- terrorism bench was a remarkably sen. people had much less background. today, we have established joint terrorism task forces, joining across the country and boston is a great example of that. that's a great strength we have. what we have to make sure is people don't fall into presuming this is the same approach they have seen in the past. that is the one caution i would have. the depth of understanding about tactics, follow on threats, precautions are vastly improved since 9/11. we are still coming to grips with these developments and as he points out, first reports are wrong. it is axiomatic in law enforcement and the national security business. let's take a shot of the briefing room. we're going to keep a very close eye on the doorway. chuck taught is standing by. >> we just saw a notice being put on the podium, so maybe within the official window. we know that he has been getting a bunch of briefings since he may be initialled fell calls. we also know the president has reached out to john b
be in a contest to become the center of the world. tuskahoma, oklahoma, for example. clearly, i needed to find out more about this. so far as i know there were at least 248 localities that became involved in this episode to one degree or another by either making a suggestion or issuing a, an official invitation or embarking on a full-blown campaign to make their hometowns the capital of the world. so here i could see there would be a wide variety of materials that would allow many me to see what was -- allow me to see what was happening in the united states, in the society and the culture in this transitional moment from war to peace. and it would also touch on issues that were compelling, like how we develop ideas of a place, how that is related to local identity, how that makes us feel a connection to the world. um, so off i was on my adventure and search for the capital of the world. now, one of the places that i'd like to introduce into the conversation is sort of a counterpoint to the story of philadelphia, because it is also one of the earliest and most long lasting competitors is the black
the murray building in oklahoma city. i know there was at least 50-75 houses damaged. there's an apartment complex that has about 50 units in it that was completely just skeleton standing up. there's a nursing home there that 133 people in the nursing home. we've had numerous agencies helping us all the way from the dallas ft. worth area and all the surrounding areas. so we've had a great turn out. i wish i could give you more information. all the injures right now are being taken care of. we're going to go back in and do another house-to-house search and see if anybody else, the victims, are in the houses. that's going to be going on all night. so we have a command post set up for the law enforcement and a triage set upright here across the interstate from us. >> what's the status of the plant? >> it's still smoldering. right now, they didn't give us any update on it. but it was smoldering, still, and there still is active, you know, other ingredients there on the facility. so where he do not want that to explode again. we're not worried about property right now. our main goal right now i
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